The Fonderia Piccin was born in 1977 and produces aluminum sand castings..
We are specialized in producing castings of small and medium size, even for series that reach significant quantities.
We satisfy sectors that require high-performance technology (in particular sealing pressure castings) and others that need high quality not only functional but also aesthetic

Internal core manufacturing

Our core department has 2 automatic machines with tilting head for the production of cores with shell-moulding process (Croning technology), used to have smooth and homogeneous surfaces and castings with high dimensional precision.. All cold cores, made with cold-box technology, are outsourced…

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Moulding and Casting

Our production is performed by two automatic moulding lines and pouring robots, with the following measures of flaks: – 460 x 520 h 175+175 – 600 x 800 h 285+285 Are serviced by an automated system for the preparation of…

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Finish and Controls

For the decoring operation of castings, we have a double oven for the automatic operation and a pneumatic vibrator for manual decoring. For the cutting phase of sprues we have two traditional manual saws…

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Aluminium smelter Panjwani - Corporate Video