For the decoring operation of castings, we have a double oven for the automatic operation and a pneumatic vibrator for manual decoring..

For the cutting phase of sprues we have two traditional manual saws and an automatic cutting machine.

Depending on customer's requirements, our castings can be supplied :

  • rough (carefully deburred, sand blasted or tumbled (vibrofinished))
  • heat treated (hardened, with relaxation)
  • including mechanical processing
  • powder coated or Cataphoresis
  • Anodized
  • impregnated

We can identify every single cast with a production batch number through which, thanks to our traceability system, we can identify the raw materials used and the production controls.. We can send to customers, for each lot of material, a product certificate and/or a chemical analysis of the alloy used., and, if requested, RX control tests, penetrant test, or any other non-destructive tests agreed with the customer.

The main controls which are performed during our production cycle are :

  • Sand tests during production to verify the main characteristics, (internally made by our laboratory)
  • Reduced-pressure test (Straube Pfeiffer test) for checking the quantity of hydrogen inside the molten aluminium
  • Control of produced parts during the moulding and casting phases
  • Visual check 100% during the finishing phase (deburring and sandblasting)

Other controls can be agreed with the customer, for example :

  • x-ray control with possibility of acquisition and processing of digital images
  • penetrant test
  • any other non-destructive testing