Our production is performed by two automatic moulding lines and pouring robots, with the following measures of flaks:

– 460 x 520 h 175+175
– 600 x 800 h 285+285

Are served by an automated system for the preparation of the sand controlled by PLC with continuous compaction and moisture control.

We have a reversible melting furnace and 5 holding furnaces with different capacities where, before casting, treatments are performed by slagging, degassing, refining and modification of molten metal.

The principal alloys that we use are :

EN AB 42000 (AlSi7MgTi)
EN AB 42100 (.3 AlSi7Mg0)
EN AB 43100 (AlSi10Mg)
EN AB 44100 (Alsi12)
EN AB 46400 (AlSi9Cu1)
EN AB 71100 (AlZn10Si8)

Any other alloys may be used in case of customer's request.